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The Pope is not Infallible. But preach on, brother!

I love Laudato si, his new cncyclical – letter- to the Catholic church and to the world. I took as long reading this as some of the books I blog about, and it has so much good stuff in it. … Continue reading

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On Rock or Sand.

Do we have “firm foundations for Britain’s future” ? Old people notoriously think the world is going to hell in a hand basket (is that an American idiom?) so I am, typically, wondering whether the golden days were the days … Continue reading

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The Other Side.

I once lived in Oakland, California, in a rather nice parsonage on the edge of the hills. Then we lucked out and got an urban homesteading house of our own- an abandoned house, with boarded up windows and an FBI notice … Continue reading

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Death of a Tyrant

What did Henry VIII die of? After reading and watching Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies, both by Hilary Mantel, this book, The Last of Days, by Paul Doherty, caught my eye. Did Henry die in bed  after sending so … Continue reading

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The working poor- again.

Breadline Britain was heavily academic and fact/statistic based- but a really worthwhile book. This week I found a library book, At the Coalface, about the sort of family I grew up in- dad at work, but not earning quite enough, … Continue reading

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The Invention of Wings

My church in California had a relationship with a church in Chiapas in southern Mexico.  The church was thriving. Medical teams from the US visit there. Kids are being fed and educated. Some had got as far as college and … Continue reading

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In the name of God.

I am here in what people refer to as Paradise  reading about a place that is Hell on earth. Here in Hawaii reading about Afghanistan under the Taliban. Muslims do everything “Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim,” in the name of God the … Continue reading

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