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I read Walter Scott’s Kenilworth this weekend. My sister, daughter and grandson were all doing their Plantagenet show there. My first ever school trip, at the age of eight or so, was to Kenilworth, though I had no real idea … Continue reading

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Twelve Years a Slave

The immensely popular movie (which I have not seen yet) was based on this book, one of many slave narratives. This is written by Solomon Northup, a man who experienced slavery, plantation slavery, but was already as a free man, educated, … Continue reading

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Styles of reading

The Man who Died Laughing, by Tarquin Hall, was a fun book from the library (the display is called “page turners”.) It has serious ideas, but I read it fast just for fun, enjoying the Indian idioms and language use … Continue reading

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Two Brothers. Ben Elton

In the 1930s my father had a foreign pen-friend. (If you are young, think of FB messaging or email!) In 1939 his friend in Germany joined the Luftwaffe and my dad in England joined the RAF. Neither ever got back in … Continue reading

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Beasts. And Chickens.

This week I read two books about animals (other than human.) Coincidentally, and  completely different books. Beasts:what animals can teach us about Human Nature, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson was the first, and I was attracted by chapter headings on traits we … Continue reading

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