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Being fat.

All my life I have fought the mainly female past-time of worrying about weight. Won’t diet. This book, Why We Get Fat, by Gary Taubes, was put in my hand to explain why the bit of the family I am … Continue reading

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Bad Food Britain!

Joanna Blythman has launched a diatribe against us Brits here.  As if the rest of the world didn’t already make fun of English cooking! I read a book about British food a while ago that gave recipes for the foods … Continue reading

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Eating for – Victory!

Low fat diets, lo-carb diets, paleo diets: diabetes diets, low salt diets, diverticulitis diets, gall bladder diets…. 5-9 daily veggie and fruit diets, Jesus helps me get fit (and thin) diets… Ramadan, fasting and feasting…. We have such a complicated … Continue reading

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Life and Death in an American hospital

“The House of God,” by Samuel Shem was compared on the front cover to Catch 22. How could I resist? I hadn’t noticed till I was into the first steamy bit that the recommendation was by Cosmopolitan. However the introduction … Continue reading

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Sunt Lacrimae Rerum: There are tears

“Sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt.” “There is  sadness in reality, and mortal things affect the  mind”- but how unpoetic is that translation, and Lucretius is poignant. We cannot escape grief and suffering. Two days ago I read in … Continue reading

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Never Say Die: Susan Jacoby

“The  worst thing about being old is feeling useless.” This was my mother a year or so before she died at 85. Eventually, suffering from lung cancer, she needed my father and others to help her, and could not do … Continue reading

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