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On Rock or Sand.

Do we have “firm foundations for Britain’s future” ? Old people notoriously think the world is going to hell in a hand basket (is that an American idiom?) so I am, typically, wondering whether the golden days were the days … Continue reading

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Breadline Britain

Our house was the first in our street to have TV (probably 1947.) I remember all the neighbors grouped on the settee and chairs and kids peeking round- and, as I remember, what was on the screen was the old … Continue reading

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Building Paradise in Hell

Is the world we live in more like Lord of the Flies or the village of Eyam stricken by the plague and self-quarantined? Do we believe in the dramatic heroes (masc.), and special effects of disaster movies, or do we … Continue reading

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Am I a racist?

Yes. There have been so many conversations in the wake of news coverage of police shootings of black people, followed today by an arrest without injury of a white woman who had been shooting into cars and pointed her gun … Continue reading

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I love the way Science Fiction can make us imagine different ways of being, in different worlds, for example, Ursula Le Guin’s world where people are either male or female at different times, and sexually undifferentiated and uninterested in between. … Continue reading

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Beyond the Beautiful Forevers.

I just rated this a five on Goodreads, but I almost couldn’t read it. Katherine Boo is an investigative reporter, and spent three years immersed in the life of a Mumbai slum. If it were not a choice of my … Continue reading

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The Earth is the Lord’s, not the Corporations’

God ‘s world is not to be trashed. While we lived in Eureka, the locally owned Pacific Lumber company, which held much well managed and selectively logged valuable redwood forest was bought out with junk bonds, by an out of state company … Continue reading

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