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Fast reading and slow reading.

I am working through a book with chapters by major thinkers on topics that need me to think as well. Slow going. If I really wanted to post every couple of days, I would avoid that sort of book! If … Continue reading

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Subversive meals

Fifty years ago, in teacher training college, I had my first class in Biblical Studies- mainly Hebrew Scriptures. Exciting! The importance of the world views and the narrative that portrayed them had never meant much to me. Until then, in spite … Continue reading

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Bad Food Britain!

Joanna Blythman has launched a diatribe against us Brits here.  As if the rest of the world didn’t already make fun of English cooking! I read a book about British food a while ago that gave recipes for the foods … Continue reading

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Eating for – Victory!

Low fat diets, lo-carb diets, paleo diets: diabetes diets, low salt diets, diverticulitis diets, gall bladder diets…. 5-9 daily veggie and fruit diets, Jesus helps me get fit (and thin) diets… Ramadan, fasting and feasting…. We have such a complicated … Continue reading

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Uprooted and unwanted

The Settler’s Cookbook, by Yasmin Alibhai Brown, is the story of the thousands of Ugandan Asians who had to leave their homes in the era of Idi Amin, woven together with the life story of this one individual, and her … Continue reading

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Tradition! Medieval Manuscripts: Medieval Cookbook

The Plantagenet Society is performing at various castles in the north this week. Many of my family are members- musicians, dancers, archers, knight (retired), squire ( such a wannabe big guy) and both my youngest sister and my middle daughter … Continue reading

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