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Weapons and heroes: Lavinia by Ursula LeGuin and Virgil’s Aeneid

Arma Virumque cano (I sing of weapons and heroes) are the opening words of Virgil’s epic, the Aeneid. LeGuin takes a character who is hardly mentioned, Lavinia, and tries to re-create that world. As a Latin teacher, I have read … Continue reading

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Half sick of shadows: David Logan

This winner of the Terry Pratchett prize takes us down the other trouser leg of time, except that of course, in a multiverse the tailoring job is much more complicated and the trousers have an infinite number of legs. As … Continue reading

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Leaving Alexandria: Richard Holloway

Places I have left. Ideas I have left. People I have left (well, mostly they died and I didn’t want to go along yet!) The story of my life, like Richard Holloway’s, is one of episodes, episodes that make a … Continue reading

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The Music Room: William Fiennes

Our family. The place we grow up. These are a large part of what forms us. It seems to be harder for those who do not know their birth family, or who lose their family, to feel whole. And yet … Continue reading

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Hope for the Animals and their World: Jane Goodall

Extinct. Dead as a dodo. Gone like the dinosaurs. My grandson, with his four year old’s acceptance of pseudo- science, and having watched “Jurassic Park” many times, tells me that we can make new dinosaurs because a mosquito can bite … Continue reading

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