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Between libraries ( Georgetown and Eureka, at both of which I have library cards) I turned to for free Kindle-for-Mac reading online and chose an old favorite by George Eliot. Middlemarch is one of those Victorian novels that I … Continue reading

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Casual Vacancy: NOT Harry Potter:

Rowling’s Casual Vacancy is more Lord of the Flies than Hogwarts. And the adults conniving and politicking are worse than Trollope’s rivalries and self-serving inhumanities. When she decided to write an adult novel, she didn’t do it by halves. There … Continue reading

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One True Thing.

I can’t believe I just read another mother/child book, One True Thing by Anna Quindlen. As if Russo’s memoir wasn’t harrowing enough. It is true that I, like everyone else, have a deep emotional tie to my mother. I have … Continue reading

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Is life like a novel?

“You are more messed up than you know.” However, I can’t imagine writing about my mother and me in the way Ricard Russo does. “It’s terrible here.”…Here was the place inside her head where everything played on an endless loop. There was the place … Continue reading

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FitzEmpress’ Law

Three homeless teenagers break in to an old lady’s cottage, terrorize her and leave on a stolen motorbike. “You know no law…..,” she curses them. A few miles on, they crash, and are catapulted into the 12th century. It is … Continue reading

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“Where butchers sing like angels.”

The title of this book put me off. The Master Butchers Singing Club? It doesn’t quite have the whimsy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, does it? And I’m a vegetarian! I’m also a pacifist, which turned out to … Continue reading

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The Earth is the Lord’s, not the Corporations’

God ‘s world is not to be trashed. While we lived in Eureka, the locally owned Pacific Lumber company, which held much well managed and selectively logged valuable redwood forest was bought out with junk bonds, by an out of state company … Continue reading

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