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Always moving on?

Husband and I, two teenagers, one pre-schooler and one as-yet-unborn. In 1977 we all squeezed into a 1971 VW camper and set off for a coast to coast camping trip from the SF Bay area to New Haven, where we … Continue reading

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The Other Side.

I once lived in Oakland, California, in a rather nice parsonage on the edge of the hills. Then we lucked out and got an urban homesteading house of our own- an abandoned house, with boarded up windows and an FBI notice … Continue reading

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40 years among the Indians.

Better title : 40 years in the southwest as a Mormon missionary among the Indians. Years ago I read a fascinating book called A Quaker among the Indians, by a Thomas C Batley, a Christian who accompanied the Indians across … Continue reading

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This Land is Your Land…

An English friend tells me Louise Erdrich is  a favourite author, so I have read two of her novels. They clearly interweave the stories of connected families and characters in the Ojibway/Chippewa/Anishinaabe people, which I discover is one of the … Continue reading

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The Snow Child: Eowyn Ivey

This is a first novel by an Alaskan native, and was new in the library this week. To live in Alaska, you have to come to terms with cold, dark and snow. Not me. But it is good to read … Continue reading

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The Color of Tea.

Could I resist a title like that? It has been claimed that I am addicted, that my insides must be thoroughly cured by the tannins, etc. People have even thought, erroneously, that I am an expert on Tea- green, black, … Continue reading

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“Know yourself”- Human Origins

Back in 1966 at Corpus Christi College, where I was a part-time student, a lecturer on the Bible (Peter De Rosa) walked to the podium flourishing a picture. “This is Adam,” be began. “He was four foot tall and black … Continue reading

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