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The last runaway

Tracy Chevalier is always interesting and this is well plotted with interesting characters,a sense of place and time….but I am typing this on an unfamiliar tablet and it is a pain to get used to. Advertisements

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Knitting for Good

I have knitted since I was six. I am a knitting granny. I predate the women’s movement which is still fighting for equality in education, jobs, pay, social value etc. here and in the rest of the world.I never stopped … Continue reading

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Partners: people and dogs

My grandson’s book choices have moved through Trucks, Spiderman, Dinosaurs and Dogs (most of the recent ones.) Mine always include dog books, currently Partners, everyday working dogs being heroes every day. by Nan Walton, who writes about the working dogs … Continue reading

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Marigold Hotel. Book or movie?

I always prefer the book. Don’t I? I saw the movie  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with eldest daughter and even though she is not one of the target audience as I am, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. So when … Continue reading

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What world do you live in? Rome on 5 denarii a day.

I travelled very little before moving from England to the US and making those two countries the poles of my world- but I did go to Rome. With part of an inheritance from my grandfather the shoemaker, I went with … Continue reading

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Growing up: two different experiences

Dandelion Wine is the a story, by Ray Bradbury, of one summer in a boy’s life  in a typical American town. I read part of it a long time ago, but had intended to read a Sci-Fi story and so … Continue reading

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Goldengrove unleaving

Goldengrove. I just came home by way of Steventon Green and looked across at the Causeway. Both have avenues of trees turning colour: I am told they have turned suddenly, brown and brittle, because of a tree disease affecting horse chestnuts. … Continue reading

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