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The past is a foreign country…

The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England takes you on a trip to the fourteenth century in England. Ian Mortimer shows you people in ordinary life doing ordinary things: this is neither an academic attempt to pass on knowledge of … Continue reading

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One of the best Sci-Fi writers: Philip K.Dick: “A Maze of Death”

Philip K Dick is such a classic that I read  some of his books way back in the early 70s, and have forgotten enough to re-read without expecting the turns he makes. This is not a Dr Who adventure where … Continue reading

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Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

I’m not blogging this one – too complex and needing spoiler alerts all over the place if I try. But it makes The Hunger Games look weak. Read it- it’s good.

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I remember seeing the movie “Amadeus” years ago and thoroughly enjoying it- but knowing it was not true to history. Salieri was a great villain – in the movie. “My Music, The Arch-Rascals and Me, The Memoirs of  Ludwig Van … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs (again)

Why do kids find dinosaurs so interesting? It’s almost like a developmental stage in early childhood. If I had blogged all the dinosaur books I had read with grandson in the last few months (from “Grandpa’s Dinosaur” to “Dinosaur Museum”) … Continue reading

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State of Wonder: Ann Patchett

Among the tangled waterways and giant anacondas of the Brazilian Rio Negro, an enigmatic scientist is developing a drug that could alter the lives of women forever. ( End notes). “Bel Canto”, an earlier work of Ann Patchett’s, was recommended … Continue reading

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Dash- retired Greyhounds.

“Dash, Bitch of the Year by Andrew Dilger.” This book met my eye when I stepped into the mobile library, which just happened to be parked between the grocery shop and the bus stop. A soulful black greyhound gazed from … Continue reading

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