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Where Memories go.

Sally Magnusson’s mother Mamie died with dementia. I knew the name of Magnus Magnusson, but not his wife, though she was a well known reporter with a real gift for words and expression. As with Iris Murdoch, that seems at … Continue reading

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Chimamanda Nkosi Adichie wrote a novel about Nigeria and Biafra, Half a Yellow Sun, which I found compelling and revealing, about how the Biafran War felt from inside that torn country. Now she writes about two Nigerians who emigrate, one … Continue reading

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700 page book: The Seven Basic Plots, by Christopher Booker

Many years ago, my youngest brother, Anthony, told me excitedly that he had read something I would love. I just had to read it, he said. As a boy whose taste ran to mathematics and comics  he was getting interested … Continue reading

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The Book. Homo unius libri.

The Book of course is the Bible, even though that is strictly speaking a collection or even a library of very different books. However, I gave a talk today to a Methodist Seniors’ Group about “MY Bible” so here goes, musings … Continue reading

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