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Terry Pratchett: a unique voice.

Raising Steam. In between reading  1) a serious novel and 2) a statistic-filled analysis of poverty, and while feeling a bit stupid with a bad cold, I picked up my daughter’s copy of the latest Terry Pratchett. What a gift! It’s … Continue reading

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Humour and idioms

Recently read (while working slowly through a more serious book) were two books from my daughter’s reading pile, Dead Famous by Ben Elton and The Stupidest Angel, a Heart-warming Tale of Christmas Terror by Christopher Moore. Both are narrated in a … Continue reading

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When is a pond an Ocean? Ask Neil Gaiman.

When you are Lettie who has been eleven for a long time. The story is the story of a seven year old boy, now middle aged, who let a “flea” from outside the world into him, and even with the … Continue reading

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Arthur’s legend: Tolkien

The new Tolkien: Christopher, J.R.R. Tolkien’s son, has edited and published his father’s unfinished poem about King Arthur. His ambition was to give the English their own mythology- which he did in the end with Middle Earth and hobbits, elves … Continue reading

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London Fantasy

London is a fascinating city, which has been full of people and goods from all over the world, ever since the Romans (with a barbarian hiatus.) My London began in 1974 when I was in teacher training in central London: … Continue reading

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Stargate: a Sci Fi myth for our times.

Some of my favourite books are in our storage locker in California, since we sold our house and became nomads. Will I ever have a place to have them available again? One favourite, T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets is at youngest … Continue reading

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Good or Bad: Fun or Boring

I like Sci Fi. I’m not big on chick-lit. So I expected to like Robert Silverberg’s Son of Man, and was iffy about Patrice Sarath’s The Unexpected Miss Bennett. Wrong. Silverberg should have been mythic and apocalyptic: the main character … Continue reading

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