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No Graves as Yet

Not my sort of book even though its setting is historical. It’s a spy and murder mystery, and one of Bud’s library books. I expected to breeze through it for relaxation and not think about the murder bits too much, … Continue reading

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Two women, fifty sheep and enough wool to save the planet. Sheepish is a memoir of fifteen years on a small farm in Minnesota. Full of all sorts of fascinating. Did you know what “wool-gathering” means? Nowadays it is day-dreaming, … Continue reading

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Miss Marjoribanks- another Mrs Oliphant novel

The evening is now dark. There is no TV. I have been knitting this afternoon. What shall I do? Ah, read a book! In Victorian times, this was one of the chief recreations of those who had enough money and … Continue reading

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The Time Machine: H.G.Wells

My father had two sets of books which took up one of the shelves of the bookcase,one red, one blue. The blue were ¬†Charles Dickens’ works (which my youngest sister now has) and the red were H.G.Wells. I read most … Continue reading

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The Curate in Charge: The Pastor Retired- a Tale of Two Centuries

Mrs Oliphant was a prolific Victorian author: She wrote novels when young, but after her husband’s death, she was left a widow with children, debts, an alcoholic brother and other family members depending on her- and she wrote. Enormous numbers … Continue reading

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Les Miserables: Victor Hugo

Yes, Les Miserables -the book. I saw the movie (and loved it). My eldest daughter saw the film three times so far, and my youngest saw it too. She wondered whether my memories of the book were of a rather … Continue reading

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Religion in Human Evolution: Robert Bellah

When we were teaching World Religions, Bud and I used, in an early class, the four skull replicas belonging to our youngest daughter. The most recent was Homo Neanderthalensis, then Homo Erectus or Beijing Woman, as she called it, then … Continue reading

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