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Marcus Borg’s last book

Faith is a journey. Probably none of us believes exactly what we believed 20 or 30 or however many years ago. But further, faith is much more than a list of ideas or “beliefs.” One of our students in our … Continue reading

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Three novels: old and new.

While packing, getting ready to return to England, traveling, waiting around, being jet-lagged etc I re-read Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Mr Pip, by a new to me author, Lloyd Jones, re-using the theme of Dickens’ Great Expectations, and Madeleine L’Engle’s A … Continue reading

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Building Paradise in Hell

Is the world we live in more like Lord of the Flies or the village of Eyam stricken by the plague and self-quarantined? Do we believe in the dramatic heroes (masc.), and special effects of disaster movies, or do we … Continue reading

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The Goldfinch

For a little while, I worked with children in care, mostly young children neglected and removed from their parents. For a longer while I lived in a poverty area with bad schools, and saw the children in our neighborhood and … Continue reading

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Reading Poetry

When I was very young, we often had to memorize poems at school. My brother recited loudly for weeks “I must go down to the sea again/ To the lonely sea and the sky,” odd choice for us in the … Continue reading

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The Old Way

Picture yourself holding your mother’s hand, as she holds her mother’s hand and each foremother is a link in a human chain. My grandmother died before I was born so my mother is the only link I have to her. … Continue reading

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