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In the Oxfam shop, looking for something to read on the flight from England to the US, I saw a small book titled A Welsh Childhood. Hmm. Possible. memories of Dylan Thomas and the village Under Milk Wood, memories of … Continue reading

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Ammonites and Leaping Fish

Ammonites – yes! I love them, crusty and dusty, or cut through and polished to show off the minerals. I remember cycling to a quarry on the Roman road near my childhood home to fossick through the rubble for fossils. … Continue reading

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40 years among the Indians.

Better title : 40 years in the southwest as a Mormon missionary among the Indians. Years ago I read a fascinating book called A Quaker among the Indians, by a Thomas C Batley, a Christian who accompanied the Indians across … Continue reading

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Swaziland. Rwanda. Pakistan. And elsewhere.

When Hoopoes Go To Heaven. A light-hearted, easy read, picked almost at random from the library display?  But no. Hidden in the story of a boy, beginning to grow up, but still seeing with the limited range and depth of … Continue reading

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Horace and Me. And me too.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Roman poet, lived and died in the first century BCE. This post is not about a new, best seller, Sci Fi or Cooking (the categories that get most traffic on this blog.) Visiting a friend, like me a former … Continue reading

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