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Exciting reading!

I’ve been enjoying various novels, but today I read something that excited me enough to blog again. You may not believe this but it is Pliny’s Letter to the Emperor Trajan, which I first read back in Uni. in the … Continue reading

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Galileo’s daughter

Cliques in the Vatican. Personal animosities. Prejudice passing as certain truth. I’m talking about the 1600s, not the present day, though. Clearly things change very slowly in the Vatican, and not at all in human relationships, with our love of … Continue reading

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The Pope is not Infallible. But preach on, brother!

I love Laudato si, his new cncyclical – letter- to the Catholic church and to the world. I took as long reading this as some of the books I blog about, and it has so much good stuff in it. … Continue reading

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Meals: everyday meals, Christian meals.

Tonight I cooked a dinner to please my grandson. He had been assaulted with “vegebals” and a suspicious looking Chicken Cacciatore, so I pleased his palate today with sausage, bacon and chips (=french fries.) But today we did not all … Continue reading

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On Rock or Sand.

Do we have “firm foundations for Britain’s future” ? Old people notoriously think the world is going to hell in a hand basket (is that an American idiom?) so I am, typically, wondering whether the golden days were the days … Continue reading

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The Other Side.

I once lived in Oakland, California, in a rather nice parsonage on the edge of the hills. Then we lucked out and got an urban homesteading houseĀ of our own- an abandoned house, with boarded up windows and an FBI notice … Continue reading

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Lent and Easter

Unless you are a church-goer, a Christian or a student of World Religions, you are probably deciding right now to skip this blog entry. A shame in my opinion (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this, even for myself) as each … Continue reading

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