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700 page book: The Seven Basic Plots, by Christopher Booker

Many years ago, my youngest brother, Anthony, told me excitedly that he had read something I would love. I just had to read it, he said. As a boy whose taste ran to mathematics and comics ┬áhe was getting interested … Continue reading

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Blindspot: what we don’t see.

If you write an X on a piece of paper and look at it with one eye, there is a moment, as you move your eye around the paper, when you don’t see the X because the image falls on … Continue reading

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Barbara Kingsolver: Small Wonders, Bean Trees

Do you have problems remembering more about a book than “Oh, yes, I read that a while ago?” Or, with favourite authors, remembering which book is which? Or is that just my ageing brain? Do you re-read favourites? Recently I … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast : “At Home”by Bill Bryson and “Nation” by Terry Pratchett

Contingency. I have always been awed when I think of how improbable is any particular fact of history, any specific species or human individual’s existence, the range of physical laws’ tolerance that enable a planet to have life like ours, … Continue reading

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