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The Long Earth: Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

My daughter the Terry Pratchett fan has bought a new book which I had not even known was published. She is away this weekend (re-enacting the historical past) so I ¬†appropriated the book, which is not about Discworld, but alternative … Continue reading

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Paradigm shifts: How fast do we change a worldview? Thomas Berry’s “Sacred Universe”

Changes. I remember three specific instances of gay people who came out to me at different times. The first time , in about 1970, was very risky for the person who could have lost his job and been ostracised by … Continue reading

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The Woman who went to bed for a year: Sue Townsend

Is this every young mum’s dream? Eva (archetype name, if ever one popped up, intended or not) saw the twins off to University, went to bed for a nap and stayed there. Sue Townsend is a writer of genius. I … Continue reading

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A vanishing way of life

“The Last Shepherds: a Vanishing Way of Life on Britain’s Traditional Hill Farms” I spent my teenage years near the edge of the Cotswold Hills, traditional sheep country. Medieval England’s wealth was based on sheep, especially their wool. The sheep, … Continue reading

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Fantasy or Myth-The Beginning Place: Ursula Le Guin

Fantasy or myth? Ursula Le Guin has written and talked about what genre she writes and how she classifies it. I just think she is the best myth maker I know. Wikipedia says she “explores alternative imaginings”.¬†¬†Lots of fantasy is … Continue reading

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Just Believe…

AD 381. When? What? Why? If you have ever said a Christian creed, mumbled along, forgotten the words, or refused to say them- this book, AD 381, by Charles Freeman, would possibly explain why. I do want to say here … Continue reading

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Nation: Terry Pratchett

This book, as one of the comments on my recent post points out, is also about the individual stripped of community and alone. As I climbed on a bus this morning and was addressed by the bus driver as “Nan” … Continue reading

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