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The Book of Negroes:

Daughter Marjorie read Lawrence Hill’s Book of Negroes and said it would probably be her Book of the Year, even though we are still in March. And yes, I think it is that good. It covers the story of a single African … Continue reading

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Visions for the Future

As I am currently in California, which has been in a state of severe drought for several years, 2020:Visions for the Central Valley, edited by Amy Moffatt, interested me. This year is, I thankfully report, wet and snowy (snow means water … Continue reading

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War is hell. On the Home Front too.

My father served in WWII in the RAF, though he spent most of his years there as a navigation instructor, not in combat. He was posted to North Africa. I think that for the rest of his life he missed … Continue reading

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God Help the Child:

I have always loved reading books about children or young women in England during WWII. It is my generation, and my story is recognizably part of the world it describes, though less dramatic (I was only 5 when the war in … Continue reading

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A Change of Climate

If you looked in at my Literature Group in Abingdon, you might think we were a harmless looking circle of old ladies drinking coffee. We are. But when we read a book like Hilary Mantel’s A Change of Climate, it … Continue reading

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Understanding other people

After my last post on Shakespeare I  found a novel called I, Iago, by Nicola Galland. It interpreted the character of Iago in novel form. The author had directed Othello, had talks with the actor who played Iago, and her musings led … Continue reading

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The Unreal and the Real

The Unreal and the Real: Ursula LeGuin- a collection by one of my favourite authors of some of her best stories. To kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee- In my opinion, one of the best novels ever published in the US. … Continue reading

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