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The Castaways of Disappointment Island.

When I was a child we had a bookcase with books my father had acquired over the years. He had a complete set of Dickens and of H.G. Wells, bought I think as a series, through a newspaper offer. Bookcases … Continue reading

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On Rock or Sand.

Do we have “firm foundations for Britain’s future” ? Old people notoriously think the world is going to hell in a hand basket (is that an American idiom?) so I am, typically, wondering whether the golden days were the days … Continue reading

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Walking Forward, Looking Back.

The title of this book sounds like my life! How could I resist? Retired lady with dog, going for walks and thinking about her life. “The white dots of sheep are spread out over the distant fields to the far … Continue reading

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Death of a Tyrant

What did Henry VIII die of? After reading and watching Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies, both by Hilary Mantel, this book, The Last of Days, by Paul Doherty, caught my eye. Did Henry die in bed  after sending so … Continue reading

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Fast reading and slow reading.

I am working through a book with chapters by major thinkers on topics that need me to think as well. Slow going. If I really wanted to post every couple of days, I would avoid that sort of book! If … Continue reading

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The working poor- again.

Breadline Britain was heavily academic and fact/statistic based- but a really worthwhile book. This week I found a library book, At the Coalface, about the sort of family I grew up in- dad at work, but not earning quite enough, … Continue reading

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Breadline Britain

Our house was the first in our street to have TV (probably 1947.) I remember all the neighbors grouped on the settee and chairs and kids peeking round- and, as I remember, what was on the screen was the old … Continue reading

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