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The new Atheists and the New Christians

Grandchild stories to begin. For Christmas our grandson got a make-your-own volcano which he immediately constructed, enthusiastically and messily over the next two days. In the course of the project, he learned about plate tectonics, and hotspots in the mantle … Continue reading

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The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion

Do you know who you are? Do you like who you are? This story begins with a mother, Sookie, who has just organized her last daughter’s wedding and looks forward, exhausted, to sleeping for a year- but at the same time, … Continue reading

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I love the way Science Fiction can make us imagine different ways of being, in different worlds, for example, Ursula Le Guin’s world where people are either male or female at different times, and sexually undifferentiated and uninterested in between. … Continue reading

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Christmas favorite reading

Do you have a book you read again at Christmas? I see people posting on Facebook about movies they watch at Christmas-Home Alone for example!- but not books.  Maybe A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? I know someone who reads that yearly. The … Continue reading

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Being fat.

All my life I have fought the mainly female past-time of worrying about weight. Won’t diet. This book, Why We Get Fat, by Gary Taubes, was put in my hand to explain why the bit of the family I am … Continue reading

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I finished what i am sure is one of the greatest  Russian novels, The Brothers Karamazov, by Dostoievski. Finally.I would never have got through it without my Pittsburgh Book Group, for whom this was their annual summer novel, instead of … Continue reading

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When I told a nun friend that I was leaving the convent- back in 1967- she said to me,”I wish I could do that. It’s just too scary to try to make a life on my own at my age.” … Continue reading

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