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Hard topics

After the most recent shooting rampage in the U.S. I was overwhelmed with the rush – of news ┬ácommentators, on FaceBook and so on- to state one’s own position on the ownership of various sorts of guns. Not much listening, … Continue reading

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Stranger’s Child: Alan Hollinghurst

“Some people winners. Some people not winners. Me not a winner.” This was my little grandson after pre-school today. He had a cardboard medal, with a #2 on the back, presumably from some games at pre-school during the Olympic frenzy. … Continue reading

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Master and God: Lindsey Davis

The reader may expect that this is one more of my Christian roots books, like “God and Empire” and “The First Paul”. No. It’s a historical novel about Domitian, who liked to be called this: “master” is very normal, Domine, … Continue reading

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Twelve Steps!

Twelve Steps -To a Compassionate Life. This is Karen Armstrong’s 2011 book. Karen Armstrong won a TED prize in 2007- given for people who have “ideas worth spreading”. Lots of the talks by recipients are now available on the web: … Continue reading

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Real life and Reading!

This blog is about books I read, and more specifically about ┬áthe interplay between what I am reading and the life experiences I have accumulated in 70+ years. I usually have lots of thinking and reading time, but this week … Continue reading

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