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Breadline Britain

Our house was the first in our street to have TV (probably 1947.) I remember all the neighbors grouped on the settee and chairs and kids peeking round- and, as I remember, what was on the screen was the old … Continue reading

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Les Miserables: Victor Hugo

Yes, Les Miserables -the book. I saw the movie (and loved it). My eldest daughter saw the film three times so far, and my youngest saw it too. She wondered whether my memories of the book were of a rather … Continue reading

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Almost modern! Cranford.

The TV here in the UK has been mining a vein of nostalgia for years, with period dramas, which tend also to sell well in the US and maybe elsewhere. From Upstairs Downstairs to Downham Abbey, people have been glued … Continue reading

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Food again: Food and Power

“Food and Feasts in Tudor England”, by Alison Sim, was presented for my reading pleasure as soon as I had finished the medieval books ( this is a historical family I am staying with!) Not recipes this time. There are … Continue reading

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Half The Sky: Kristof, Nicholas D./ Wudunn, Sheryl

“Why let her stay at school? She will just get married and it’ll be a waste” This is not a quote from “Half the Sky”. It is a comment made, more than once, to my parents in England in the … Continue reading

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Little Dorrit (Big Book): Charles Dickens

I love Dickens. I love Trollope. I love Jane Austen. I love Elizabeth Gaskell. But I have been reading “Little Dorrit” for a week and it felt at times likes swimming through molasses ( black treacle, if you are English). … Continue reading

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