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One Girl and her Dogs

I have been “a girl and her dog” for most of my life. I feel lonely without a dog, and have had a series of mixed breed rescue dogs, all of whom have been loveable and loyal. Border Collies, though, … Continue reading

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“The Sun hasn’t fallen from the Sky”

I grew up poor, but in a loving family that coped with what life threw at them. By the 60s I was working in children’s homes in Yorkshire, with children whose parents had not been able to cope. In the … Continue reading

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He who walks in pain

Sophocles told the story of Oedipus nearly twenty five hundred years ago, and it was an old story then. Freud famously used it in exploring his ideas about infantile sexuality and the mysterious workings of the human unconscious. Where Three … Continue reading

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Stargate: a Sci Fi myth for our times.

Some of my favourite books are in our storage locker in California, since we sold our house and became nomads. Will I ever have a place to have them available again? One favourite, T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets is at youngest … Continue reading

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Good or Bad: Fun or Boring

I like Sci Fi. I’m not big on chick-lit. So I expected to like Robert Silverberg’s Son of Man, and was iffy about Patrice Sarath’s The Unexpected Miss Bennett. Wrong. Silverberg should have been mythic and apocalyptic: the main character … Continue reading

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How do people think? How do animals think? And perceive… And can we eat them?

Dr Temple Grandin is a professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University. I already knew that she has worked to make slaughterhouses less stressful and painful for livestock- but that’s a stressful topic for people! She writes: “I think … Continue reading

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