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Beasts. And Chickens.

This week I read two books about animals (other than human.) Coincidentally, and¬†¬†completely different books. Beasts:what animals can teach us about Human Nature, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson was the first, and I was attracted by chapter headings on traits we … Continue reading

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One Girl and her Dogs

I have been “a girl and her dog” for most of my life. I feel lonely without a dog, and have had a series of mixed breed rescue dogs, all of whom have been loveable and loyal. Border Collies, though, … Continue reading

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How do people think? How do animals think? And perceive… And can we eat them?

Dr Temple Grandin is a professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University. I already knew that she has worked to make slaughterhouses less stressful and painful for livestock- but that’s a stressful topic for people! She writes: “I think … Continue reading

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Fine Just the Way They Are

Annie Proulx can take you to Wyoming and make you feel the place and feel for its people: ordinary people, living hard lives. I have been through Wyoming on one of our cross-US camping trips in our VW campers, but … Continue reading

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Two women, fifty sheep and enough wool to save the planet. Sheepish is a memoir of fifteen years on a small farm in Minnesota. Full of all sorts of fascinating. Did you know what “wool-gathering” means? Nowadays it is day-dreaming, … Continue reading

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The dogs of Windcutter Down: David Kennard

Mist.Ernie, Greg, Gail, Jake… When my grandson was a year old, he knew each of these Border Collies by name, just like the two at his home, Abbey and Jig. The first dog for me in a lifetime of dogs … Continue reading

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