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Good Omens

Yes. What else could I pick up this week? There have been so many tributes, including one that will keep Pratchett’s name on Twitter/Clacks indefinitely that I am not adding to them here. Good Omens was one of the earliest … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett: a unique voice.

Raising Steam. In between reading  1) a serious novel and 2) a statistic-filled analysis of poverty, and while feeling a bit stupid with a bad cold, I picked up my daughter’s copy of the latest Terry Pratchett. What a gift! It’s … Continue reading

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The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

“He’d never meant to be amazing. It had just happened. He’d realized that something was odd that day, just after lunch, when he’d looked into a reflection in a puddle and thought, that’s me. He’d never been aware of himself … Continue reading

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The Fifth Elephant

Do we need gas badly enough to frack? When I fill the tank I sometimes say, “Here goes another dead dinosaur,” though you don’t need to tell me the deposits were laid down by forests as that doesn’t sound nearly … Continue reading

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I Shall Wear Midnight

Archetypal tales of good versus evil.Beowulf and Grendel. Arthur and Mordred. George and the Dragon. Harry and Voldemort. Dr. Who and the Daleks. The witch, Tiffany Aching, and the Evil present in the man with no eyes, who borrows and … Continue reading

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Dodger: Terry Pratchett AND London- the Secret History of our Streets

I enjoy stories that take a well known story and change the angle, like Wicked versus The Wizard of Oz. Dodger lives in a Victorian slum in London, with a marvellous character called Solomon Cohen- but the story is most … Continue reading

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Half sick of shadows: David Logan

This winner of the Terry Pratchett prize takes us down the other trouser leg of time, except that of course, in a multiverse the tailoring job is much more complicated and the trousers have an infinite number of legs. As … Continue reading

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