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More Philip K. Dick

Man in the High Castle– vintage SF, vintage Philip K. Dick, and a re-read because a recent comment referred to it. I like alternative history enough that it is a “most used tag” on my blog sidebar. Perhaps it’s because … Continue reading

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Pastwatch: Orson Scott Card

Sometimes I feel that my experience has become history already! To see history from the distant mirror in primary sources, historic sites and re-enactments or even novels like Wolf Hall is fascinating and educational. To see it from alongside the … Continue reading

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Half sick of shadows: David Logan

This winner of the Terry Pratchett prize takes us down the other trouser leg of time, except that of course, in a multiverse the tailoring job is much more complicated and the trousers have an infinite number of legs. As … Continue reading

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“Darwinia”- such an intriguing word. I just read “Darwin’s Pious idea” which was quite a piece of philosophic work, so this book by Robert Charles Wilson caught my eye on the Sci-Fi shelves of the library. Fun read – but … Continue reading

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