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Swaziland. Rwanda. Pakistan. And elsewhere.

When Hoopoes Go To Heaven. A light-hearted, easy read, picked almost at random from the library display?  But no. Hidden in the story of a boy, beginning to grow up, but still seeing with the limited range and depth of … Continue reading

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More Philip K. Dick

Man in the High Castle– vintage SF, vintage Philip K. Dick, and a re-read because a recent comment referred to it. I like alternative history enough that it is a “most used tag” on my blog sidebar. Perhaps it’s because … Continue reading

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Do Androids Dream …

..of electric sheep, or of anything else. We learn that the androids In Philip K Dick’s novel are always full grown, with imprinted memories. We humans, on the other hand have to learn to piece together the world around us … Continue reading

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Oldies and Goodies

…and not so goodies. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame is a three volume collection of classic SF, which I have been browsing in the packing and leaving California days, and which contains some of my all time favorites. Flowers for Algernon, … Continue reading

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What does a “person” look like?

Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi. A world where genetic engineering has spilled out of control, and the companies that produce and market foods are trying to stay one step ahead of the next mutated disease of plant or people.Into this … Continue reading

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Stargate: a Sci Fi myth for our times.

Some of my favourite books are in our storage locker in California, since we sold our house and became nomads. Will I ever have a place to have them available again? One favourite, T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets is at youngest … Continue reading

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Good or Bad: Fun or Boring

I like Sci Fi. I’m not big on chick-lit. So I expected to like Robert Silverberg’s Son of Man, and was iffy about Patrice Sarath’s The Unexpected Miss Bennett. Wrong. Silverberg should have been mythic and apocalyptic: the main character … Continue reading

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