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Generation A

Sometimes I feel old. I remember my father -in-law getting to a stage where he couldn’t follow the plot of a movie. Granted he had dementia, and as far as I can tell, I don’t, but some things about modern … Continue reading

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More Dinosaurs

I admit it. I am fascinated by dinosaurs too! Even though grandson’s dinosaurs are tidily in their bin – which means he hasn’t been playing with them for a few days, and he is glued to his Minecraft, I am … Continue reading

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I quoted from Puddleglum in a recent blog entry, so I found myself re-reading The Silver Chair, in which Puddleglum is by far the most loveable character. Why, when I find Lewis’ children so 1940s, his slang so dated, his … Continue reading

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The Women of the Cousins’ War:

This very title raises questions for me. Women and war- as fighters or victims… Joan of Arc, or nameless peasant raped and murdered. War between cousins- even a war with Neanderthals would be that to me, so how much more … Continue reading

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Random reading from the library.

Lewis Man, by Peter May caught my eye on a display in the Abingdon library. I am reading a longish biography of three historical characters, and a book about English Wildlife, so I thought, “Ah, an easy, quick, undemanding read.” … Continue reading

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I Shall Wear Midnight

Archetypal tales of good versus evil.Beowulf and Grendel. Arthur and Mordred. George and the Dragon. Harry and Voldemort. Dr. Who and the Daleks. The witch, Tiffany Aching, and the Evil present in the man with no eyes, who borrows and … Continue reading

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Victorian women, and later. And now?

Still reading around the Dickens and (Pratchett’s)¬†Dodger theme, I found a biography of Ellen (Nelly) Ternan, who was Dickens’ unknown mistress for many years: then I happened on a book about an east end girl who was in service in … Continue reading

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