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I passed the 11+! I liked doing puzzles (intelligence tests.) I had (note the past tense) a good memory and liked writing essays. All that spelled academic success back in the 50s. I taught in secondary schools in the 60s. … Continue reading

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When my youngest child was born, there was no internet. When I was born, hardly anyone we knew had a car. When my mother was born, people were cooking on solid fuel black-leaded ranges. My little grandchildren cannot imagine not … Continue reading

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Galileo’s daughter

Cliques in the Vatican. Personal animosities. Prejudice passing as certain truth. I’m talking about the 1600s, not the present day, though. Clearly things change very slowly in the Vatican, and not at all in human relationships, with our love of … Continue reading

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The Pope is not Infallible. But preach on, brother!

I love Laudato si, his new cncyclical – letter- to the Catholic church and to the world. I took as long reading this as some of the books I blog about, and it has so much good stuff in it. … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett: a unique voice.

Raising Steam. In between reading  1) a serious novel and 2) a statistic-filled analysis of poverty, and while feeling a bit stupid with a bad cold, I picked up my daughter’s copy of the latest Terry Pratchett. What a gift! It’s … Continue reading

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Building Paradise in Hell

Is the world we live in more like Lord of the Flies or the village of Eyam stricken by the plague and self-quarantined? Do we believe in the dramatic heroes (masc.), and special effects of disaster movies, or do we … Continue reading

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The new Atheists and the New Christians

Grandchild stories to begin. For Christmas our grandson got a make-your-own volcano which he immediately constructed, enthusiastically and messily over the next two days. In the course of the project, he learned about plate tectonics, and hotspots in the mantle … Continue reading

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