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Pittsburgh stories

More short stories. Not sure why. This book, Pittsburgh Stories by Clark Blaise, caught my eye in the Pittsburgh library as I like to read about the places where I am. There’s a big gap between the detailed and comprehensive … Continue reading

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Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop: and in Pittsburgh and everywhere

Christmas -quiet times. So the first day we were snowed in here in Pittsburgh I baked a cheesy-herby bread. Next day I simmered a pot of soup. Today, gingerbread. Winter. And a fun book of Christmas themed short mystery stories. And … Continue reading

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Life and Death in an American hospital

“The House of God,” by Samuel Shem was compared on the front cover to Catch 22. How could I resist? I hadn’t noticed till I was into the first steamy bit that the recommendation was by Cosmopolitan. However the introduction … Continue reading

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Home: Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison can see the terrible things people suffer and do, and still write with compassion. She is such a good writer. Frank and his sister, Cee, each escaped from a home ruled by a mean and  unloving  grandmother in … Continue reading

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The Color of Tea.

Could I resist a title like that? It has been claimed that I am addicted, that my insides must be thoroughly cured by the tannins, etc. People have even thought, erroneously, that I am an expert on Tea- green, black, … Continue reading

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Fantasy short stories

“At the Edge of Waking“, the title of this story collection, is an appropriate description of the eery real world/dream world nature of most of these stories. Holly Phillips is not a name I recognise. I love the library staff … Continue reading

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When Death comes to Pemberley: P.D.James. 21st century reading

Two genres, two readers. Bud reads murder mysteries and I read Jane Austen spin-offs, so this is a book we both read ( as well as books like The Tome – to be blogged some day- in which I am … Continue reading

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