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The Snake, The Crocodile and the Dog:

Elizabeth Peters’ mystery, set in 19th century Egypt, was a relaxing page turner, intricately plotted and satisfyingly well written. Lest my readers imagine I think deep thoughts about Important Books all the time, let me mention that I don’t blog … Continue reading

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The Colour: Rose Tremain

Gold Rush. New Zealand. Leaving the home country. Each of these is one of my life’s tangents. I have lived in California for forty years, and seen Gold Rush sites and history. I have a son in New Zealand and … Continue reading

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God and Caesar

“Personal Reflections on Politics and Religion” is the sub-title of Shirley Williams book “God and Caesar”. Her opening story is her memory of being in the US, scheduled to give a series of lectures ( the basis of this book), … Continue reading

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The Underground Church: Robin Meyers

Church. Subversive? Not what comes to mind these days, when churches seem to be the tail lights of history on human rights, and out of touch on ethics. Several books I have been reading recently have countered this with portrayals … Continue reading

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Book group!

I have been invited to take part in a book group which has been running for at least 13 years or so, on the basic theme of “Voices of the voiceless.” Joy! The first book was “The Secret Scripture” by … Continue reading

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Almost modern! Cranford.

The TV here in the UK has been mining a vein of nostalgia for years, with period dramas, which tend also to sell well in the US and maybe elsewhere. From Upstairs Downstairs to Downham Abbey, people have been glued … Continue reading

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Food again: Food and Power

“Food and Feasts in Tudor England”, by Alison Sim, was presented for my reading pleasure as soon as I had finished the medieval books ( this is a historical family I am staying with!) Not recipes this time. There are … Continue reading

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