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Exciting reading!

I’ve been enjoying various novels, but today I read something that excited me enough to blog again. You may not believe this but it is Pliny’s Letter to the Emperor Trajan, which I first read back in Uni. in the … Continue reading

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Blind date with a book

The local Georgetown library has a program this month to get people reading and talking about books we may not otherwise choose. The librarian put out a selection, wrapped in gift bags, to take without looking. Then there will be … Continue reading

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Always moving on?

Husband and I, two teenagers, one pre-schooler and one as-yet-unborn. In 1977 we all squeezed into a 1971 VW camper and set off for a coast to coast camping trip from the SF Bay area to New Haven, where we … Continue reading

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Meals: everyday meals, Christian meals.

Tonight I cooked a dinner to please my grandson. He had been assaulted with “vegebals” and a suspicious looking Chicken Cacciatore, so I pleased his palate today with sausage, bacon and chips (=french fries.) But today we did not all … Continue reading

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More than you wanted to know about Shakespeare.

“When I was just 15 or so, I went into a golden land.” Well, it was a school field trip to Stratford to see Twelfth Night with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. But it was a magic world to me, … Continue reading

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Give us this day our daily bread.

I just fixed a hot dog for my grandson’s lunch- one of his favourites. Yesterday it was quesadillas. My main worry is his lack of willingness to eat veg, but as his parent survived a similar lack of willingness, I … Continue reading

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Building Paradise in Hell

Is the world we live in more like Lord of the Flies or the village of Eyam stricken by the plague and self-quarantined? Do we believe in the dramatic heroes (masc.), and special effects of disaster movies, or do we … Continue reading

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