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Reading Poetry

When I was very young, we often had to memorize poems at school. My brother recited loudly for weeks “I must go down to the sea again/ To the lonely sea and the sky,” odd choice for us in the … Continue reading

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“The Pity War Distilled”

Euripides’ Trojan Women was written the year after Athens sacked and andropodised Melos. (That means killing all the men and enslaving all the women and children.) Conquering armies do not usually write plays from the point of view of the … Continue reading

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Horace and Me. And me too.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Roman poet, lived and died in the first century BCE. This post is not about a new, best seller, Sci Fi or Cooking (the categories that get most traffic on this blog.) Visiting a friend, like me a former … Continue reading

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Life and Shakespeare

A portrait of an era in twenty objects- the sub title of Shakespeare’s Restless World, was a title that caught my eye. I love finding a book in the library that fascinates me. Enough of last week’s angst and emotion: … Continue reading

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Goldengrove unleaving

Goldengrove. I just came home by way of Steventon Green and looked across at the Causeway. Both have avenues of trees turning colour: I am told they have turned suddenly, brown and brittle, because of a tree disease affecting horse chestnuts. … Continue reading

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