M. Malchance et le Chevalier

Oh! Highbrow today- French Literature? Well, actually, my daughter and grandson just returned from a Plantagenet Society medieval re-enactment weekend in France, bringing cheese, cider, cheese, this book, cheese and cheese. But I read the book.

When she was young this daughter loved the Mr. Men books: it was before the aha moment when someone decided  Little Miss books were needed to round out the series. Each book, with story and cartoon drawing, is about someone who is e.g. shy, clumsy, or disobedient and learns better ways to cope with kid-sized problems.Yes, we had lots of old-fashioned moral upbringing there.

So I had a little Mr/Miss Bump. Mr. Bump was such a favorite character that we had a Mr Bump ice pack in the freezer, for those, you know, bumps. One year we had a Mr. Bump piñata for a birthday party, made by us with papier mache over a balloon, filled with candies and painted blue.

Go on a generation and this is grandson’s turn Here, our hero, Mr Bump, having burnt himself as an apprentice baker, and dropped a brick on his foot as an apprentice bricky, decides to become a knight because- Armour! He will be protected. Adventures (with injuries) with damsels in distress and dragons ensue.

Great fun for a small kid who loves knights, as does grandson. My first impression “Fun!” My second impression It says “quoi qu’il fasse, cela se terminait toujours par un aie, un ouille, un paf ou un crac.” Yes, lots of “ouch” words in French for a kid. But there’s a subjunctive in there! Pre-schoolers use subjunctives! I worked in High School French to master that.

Life is not fair. But life is fun.

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